BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio Training tooltraining (1pv) Helsinki

4.10.2017, 9-16:00




Note: Training materials are in English, but the teaching language is Finnish.


To whom?
Architects that need to do architecture work using BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio as a tool. It is highly recommended to first take the “Johdanto ArchiMate® 3 kuvauskieleen” course.

Basic knowledge about ArchiMate™. Bring your own laptop.

Learning goals
Understand how BiZZdesign software helps you model, analyze and transform the structure of your organization. You’ll learn how to apply the ArchiMate language through BiZZdesign’s software.

Training is part of BiZZdesign’s training offering. Training is delivered by Coala in Finland.

Anna Aaltonen / Tarja Raussi

 575 eur + alv

Course schedule



1 Modeling in Enterprise Studio

2 Creating Relations via the Relations Table

3 Generating Views

4 Colors and Label Views

5 Analyses

6 Documentation

7 Reporting

8 Plateaus