We offer a range of open courses in finnish together with Wakaru.

Customized Courses

We also offer courses in enterprise architecture and process development customized for a specific customer. Consequently, we can also discuss the company’s internal matters during the course, and be certain that all of the participants finish the course with the same knowledge.

A customized course is a good choice if there are 5 or more participants and you wish to affect the contents of the training. Open courses always have extra material that isn’t relevant to your company, or the progress may be too slow for you. For example, for participants with background in IT, process modeling notation can be passed fairly quickly and can include material about the relationship between process modeling and other systems analysis documentation. On the other hand, for process owners, examples relevant for their industries can be included.

We don’t offer courses aiming for certification. These are done by other service providers.

Request an offer for a customized course:
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